Essentials of IUI Treatment for Pregnancy

Essentials of IUI Treatment for Pregnancy

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is also known as artificial insemination due to the fact that the sperms are injected into the woman’s reproductive tract to increase the chances of pregnancy. The method is an assisted reproductive technology conducted with maximum care, attention and observation though it may appear simple. Timing of the insemination procedure is very essential when it comes to IUI Treatment in India in order to allow conception. Normally, the prepared sperms are released into the woman’s reproductive system prior (soon as possible) to the time of ovulation.

What happens before the IUI procedure?

An Ovulation Predictor kit is always used for proper timing during IUI. It is used to measure and indicate the woman’s LH Surge (Luteinizing Hormone) that normally reaches its peak 26 hours before ovulation. The LH surge is determined by a urine test and if it is positive, the sperms are injected within a few hours and if it is negative, the gynecologist may have to postpone the procedure.

Also, an HCG Injection is a second option in adjusting the timing of an IUI procedure. The main purpose of an HCG injection is to activate the ovulation process. An Ultrasound is done before to observe the egg development and maturity in the ovaries. The IUI procedure is normally timed 2 days after the HCG injection is administered.

What to Remember

It is vital that a man avoids intercourse at least 2 weeks or more before the procedure in order to get quality sperms. These sperms will be washed and prepared after being collected by means of masturbation.


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