The Tremendous impact of Infertility

Certainly a psychological issue, infertility is an inside killer that a majority of outsiders can’t see. USA is one of the countries, most known for nuclear families and mostly having one or two children. The trend has changed today; a number of couples you meet are either constrained by infertility or environmental and financial problems.

A family is a source of joy and a dream to a number of couples that are affected by infertility. Today, couples run in for IVF treatment from one clinic to another in India and worldwide only to get a single child if possible. The major limitation is the financial part, since IVF treatment is expensive and there are chances that one may require more than two treatment cycles to conceive.

The IVF treatment procedure begins by administering fertility drugs to a woman to produce more eggs for fertilization. Once these eggs are ready, they are retrieved and joined together with the sperms for fertilization. Fertilization mostly occurs, but the hectic point comes at the conception part. A majority of women have lived to see multiple failed conceptions. To others, conception may occur, but they suffer miscarriages

Infertility is not an easy course in life since it leads to loss of self-esteem, foregoing social media sites, anxiety, and depression. This could be a word to those with the ability to conceive and giving birth to healthy children “embrace and value what you have by protecting them and caring for them”

Watch the give video to know the full information about IVF treatment procedure


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