Boosting IVF Chances in Infertility Treatments

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Being an Assisted Artificial technique, In Vitro Fertilization must be conducted by leading specialists having discerning motives. The IVF technique is performed at Dr. Sofat Infertility clinic after a patient’s examination, and treatment follows with the use of advanced equipment to select the best embryos. An algorithm is followed during the examination of morphological features to attain the best embryo.

At the Sofat clinic, we take the advantage of standardized equipment to carry out every step of the IVF procedure a thing that humans cannot do with open eyes. The sophisticated clinic collects eggs from the female and then sperms from the male. They are combined in the dish and observed to select the best embryo.

Cases where there are more than two favorable embryos, further studies are taken to see how far each embryo can make it. An algorithm is always important and the results of each step are kept on the computer for reference.


Further studies in the laboratory are conducted using mathematical modeling where the embryo metabolism and the texture are studied. The techniques used in the infertility clinic do not differ from the usual IVF procedure, just that more approaches are used to avoid future defects and problems with the child and the mother.

The latest approaches in the IVF sector are aimed at helping stressed infertile couples to have a child of their own. The effective IVF treatment in India can help those who have had multiple failed IVF cycles in a short time.

In this video, Dr. Sumita Sofat has beautifully explained the procedure of IVF Egg retrieval. If you want successgul pregnancy with IVF treatment then you must go with Sofat Infertility Centre.


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