How To Deal With Infertility Due To PCOS


The main cause of infertility today is PCOS among women. In the recent study, almost 19% of the women in India suffer from infertility caused by PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can be identified in women with hormonal imbalances and change menstrual cycles. It also brings about changes in the body weight, acne, and increased hair growth on the skin.

Problems with ovulation that occur in women with PCOS are due to the increased production of androgens a hormone that is found in men. This, on the other hand, leads to the lower levels of estrogen and progesterone the hormones that are highly required in women for conceiving

Before any woman starts on the treatment of PCOS, the actual cause has to be identified. Research has dictated that the common causes of PCOS can be overturned with the help of a change in lifestyle and working on the nutritional diet. You can do the following to tackle this problem

  • Stay away from alcohol and manufactured drinks
  • Exercise regularly and puts more emphasis on cardio exercises in order to manage your weight.
  • Have proper meals and always include proteins in them, reduce the sugar intake, include ginger, turmeric, pepper, and garlic in your meals
  • Have multivitamin tablets in conjunction with omega-3 fatty acid to maintain the vitamin E levels
  • Work on the insulin levels, which is the leading cause of androgens in women

Sofat Infertility clinic provides effective PCOS treatment in India to help women overcome this particular type of infertility problem


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