IVF Process is Like a Rollercoaster


The IVF process has many ups and downs like a rollercoaster. If you are going through the IVF process for the first time, then this post can be helpful for you.

If any doctor recommends you go with IVF procedure then initially they can provide you with some birth control pills. Now, this can be an ironic thing for you, that why they are putting you on birth control pills if you are trying to gain pregnancy. They do this to regulate your normal cycle. On day three of your period, you will be asked to go for the baseline test. When your hormones will be on the normal level then you will be put on the further process.

Now, the quite fun begins. For a couple of days, you will be asked to take some medications. You need to visit the doctor for a couple of times in a week for the checkup up of hormone levels. After two weeks your eggs retrieval will be done.

After this, you will be put on the embryo transfer process. Then you need to wait for approx two weeks and these two weeks will be your crucial time in the IVF process.  Finally, you will go for the pregnancy test. The testing of the HCG in your blood will be done. If the level is zero then you are not pregnant, if the level is low then you may be put on chemical pregnancy, if the result comes out to be positive then you need to wait for another two weeks then ultrasound testing will be done. With this, you can enjoy your pregnancy.


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