Use of Steroids can Cause Miscarriage in Infertility Treatment


The steroids can interfere with the process of embryo implantation and can lead to the harmful effects of the childbirth and pregnancy.  But these steroids have been used in a large amount for those women who are suffering from repeated IVF failure and miscarriages.

The main motive of conveying this message to women and the surgeons is that they should focus on the good quality pregnancy and lifetime health for the newborn child instead of getting pregnant only.

The steroids are basically the drugs that act as the immune suppressants and this will prevent the body, immune system to respond to the pregnancy. These drugs generally lead to the further complications due to the suppression of natural immune system.

The Corticosteroids may impair the healthy pregnancy but lead to the poorer long-term outcomes for the newborn baby. Most of the women receive corticosteroids just by thinking that these will definitely facilitate pregnancy by killing immune killer cells.  But this belief is mistaken as these cells are greatly required for achieving the healthy pregnancy.  There is a great misunderstanding about the role of immune system in the fertility treatment.

The immune system plays a vital role in reproduction and fertility. The natural killer cells greatly help to build a healthy growth of fetal. But if suppress all these cells with steroids then it can lead to the miscarriage, preterm birth and other birth defects.

You must get the best infertility treatment in Amritsar in order to avoid all these complications and get a healthy pregnancy.


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