Why Doctor Sumita Sofat Hospital is One of the Best Hospital For IVF Treatment In India

IVF is the revolutionary lab procedure that helps in conceiving the couple that is grappling with the infertility and become hopeless. This specialized treatment can give optimized results if taken from the experienced and qualified IVF experts like Dr. Sofat.  People prefer to Take IVF treatment from Dr. Sumita Sofat hospital due to various reasons as follows

What Makes Us First Choice For IVF?

Sofat is well qualified and trained IVF specialist for infertility treatment. She strives for making people’s dream come true and completing families.

  • Sofat has more than 20 years’ experience of providing IVF treatment with higher success rates
  • In Sofat hospital IVF is offered with the combination of advanced techniques like ICSI, IMSI, Laser Hatching and blstocyst that ensure the successful pregnancy even after undefined fertility
  • State of Art facilities and technology of Sofat with the controlled lab conditions in the Em- Cell closed chamber multiplies the success ratio of IVF by many times
  • Our round the clock total care system enable the experts to ensure the safety and best health of patient before and after treatment.
  • It also provide the treatment with Donor eggs, Donor sperms and even here is also provision for Frozen eggs, embryos
  • We also provide treatment with Surrogacy that can give opportunity to various couples that are unable to have their baby by regular IVF to enjoy parenthood.

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