IUI Treatment Cost and It’s Benefits

IUI Treatment Cost and It’s Benefits

IUI treatment cost compared with IVF treatment cost

IUI is less expensive than the IVF so on the cost ground IUI is the cost effective solution for the infertile couples. Intended couples can save some amount of money with the IUI procedure however the IUI has lower success rates than the IVF.

Couples can get benefit from IUI,

  • If the female partner has inability to get pregnant and have disorder of ovulation.
  • Women with cervical factor infertility such as scarring or cervical mucus
  • Males with problem of low sperm count , low sperm motility and abnormal shape
  • Ejaculation problem in males
  • Inability of male sperms to penetrate egg or to reach to fallopian tubes
  • Couples that are using donor or frozen sperms for fertility

Hence IUI can be the first step for the women that have at least one open fallopian tube and quality egg and even ability to induce ovulation. Choose the right IUI treatment centre in India that used latest techniques or equipments if you want the higher success rate.


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