Sperm Donation – A Healthy Penis Output


The joy that a man experience when he has a healthy penis is a different feeling. Those men, who are a having the healthy penis can use it in a tangible way that is by donating sperm. Why only the man and his partner should have the benefit of the healthy penis? Rather it can be used to help many other infertile couples who are seeking for a child.

The man with the healthy penis can act as a sperm bank in order to bless the infertile couples with a load of his treasure.

Not so fast as you are thinking

Donating the sperm is not quite simple as you are thinking. If you are considering yourself as a prime candidate for the sperm donation then there are some screening processes that come into the place. There are some factors on which the sperm banks decide whether to accept the sperm of man or not. These are as follows:

  • Age

Most of the sperm donation clinics have a specified range of age in which they want the sperm of the man. The age is somewhere lies between 18 to 45 years. All the donors want the man to be legally the adult.

  • Health

The candidate should have a good health. The conditions like HIV, STIs, and hemophilia can lead to the rejection of sperm.

  • Height

Many of the center concentrates of a specified height i.e. generally they prefer a tall man in order to reflect the value of the society.

  • Medical history

Most of the sperm donation clinics in India will ask about the detailed medical history of his and his family.

  • Tests

Blood and urine tests are required and sometimes physical examination has also been done within the process.

Sperm donation is a legitimate business and hence it is done for profit in the world. If any center pays you for the sperm donation that means they want to set up an agreement with you for future also.


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