Know About Test Tube Baby


IVF is also known as In Vitro fertilization. This is the most popular infertility treatment nowadays.  It is the mixture of women egg and men sperm. IVF is the most common and efficient infertility treatment that is very helpful for women to become pregnant. IVF’s another name is test tube baby which involves the mixing of egg and sperm and then moving into the uterus. IVF success rates are very high. That’s why the most of the women prefer IVF treatment for infertility treatment.

Who can go for this treatment?

Most of the women are facing infertility problem because of their busy schedule. But don’t worry about infertility problem. You can get the chances to get pregnant very easily only from the best test tube baby center in Punjab. If the female has both the fallopian tubes are blocked or damaged this is the one main reason and her male partner has low sperm count and low sperm productions.

What is the Treatment Procedure?

Firstly doctor suggests some medicines to female improve the production of the egg. When eggs are produced, with the help of fine needle they are taken out her ovaries and then the high quality of sperm are joint with egg.

For how long the couple has to stay for the treatment?

The test tube baby process is for 10 days. There is no need to stay in the hospital. You can go home as per your own wish.

Chances of getting pregnant

There are very high chances of getting pregnant after the test tube baby treatment. In India test tube baby treatment is very famous and there is 60% success rate for 21-30 age females and 40% chances of 30-35 age females. So if anyone is facing infertility problem then IVF treatment is best.


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