Benefits of IVF

In-Vitro-Fertilization is the advanced lab procedure in which female eggs are fertilized with sperms.

This procedure is boon for the infertile couples and gives following benefits

IVF works where others get failed

There are number of infertility treatments that can give benefit to the couples that are planning for their family but these options stop working in specific conditions like unexplained infertility I that condition IVF can give the successful pregnenacy. It work effectively even for the women above the age of 38

Suitable for all

This option can not only be accessed by the mother of baby but also gestational surrogates can also give birth to IVF babies. Even the same sex couples, women that are unable to get pregnant due to physical problem and even single women can go for this treatment by using the donor eggs, sperms or donor embryos.

Can control on the timing of getting pregnant

This lab procedure of artificial conception gives chance to the parents to plan the time of pregnancy according to their wish. Patients that have their focus on career can choose to get pregnant at time which is suitable for them.

Boost the chances of pregnancy

According to experts of IVF center in Bathinda this ART procedure increase the chances of pregnancy as if one cycle gets failed then with the multiple cycles of IVF for the successful pregnancy.


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