Popular Destination To Receive IVF Treatment

Couples of higher age usually find it tough to conceive when they are ready to become parent or planning to delay their pregnancy. After trying for several times to conceive, IVF is the sole procedure that gives the hope.

Those who suffer from infertility or inability to conceive naturally, advancement in lifestyles, extensive work and personal surrounding, higher alcohol consumption , tobacco and higher obesity levels and other factors result into infertility in couples. Additionally the side effects of medicines for example endometrial tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections cause infertility issues.

The overall need of IVF cycles for infertility treatment went above one lakh in the past year and is estimated to surpass 2.5 lakh in the coming five years.

There is a wide opportunity for penetration of IVF institutes across the country. Currently several studies are under process to upgrade IVF treatment technology. The cost of IVF varies between 150,000 to 200,000INR and usually needs multi treatment cycles for example 1- 2 cycles a couple. IVF treatment in India is significantly lower than other countries this is why India is a popular destination as IVF ground across the world. It is a very economical procedure that has enabled many couples to become happy parents.


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