IUI Verses IVF: Infertility Treatments

With the advancements in the medical science even it is possible to get out from the curse of infertility. Couples who are seeking but deprived from parenthood can have their own baby with the help of various treatments.

Which scrolling for the treatments for infertility IUI and IVF remains on the top list but there both differ in the process of treatment and even effectiveness also.

What is intrauterine insemination?

This procedure is done according to the ovulation of woman and even repeated one or two times in a day. In this procedure sperms of male partner are directly injected into the uterus of woman and are performed with concentrated and good quality sperms to increase the chances of pregnancy. After that naturally egg is picked in fallopian tubes and wait for the sperms so the sperms are injected exactly near the egg that also add to chances of pregnancy.

What is In Vitro fertilization?

IVF is advanced and considered most successful method for conceiving as in this procedure eggs are fertilized in lab rather than uterus. Eggs are removed from the uterus and made fertilized with the male sperms and in the lab under certain conditions these eggs get fertilized and turn into embryos.

Then with the choice of healthiest embryo it is implanted in the womb and even rest of embryos can be preserved for future use and even research and donation.

So both the treatments eradicate infertility but IVF is more preferred as even it can be successful in case of undefined infertility.


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