Should we completely review our lifestyles?

Insofar as this study has not been conducted in humans, and where impaired sperm function is not necessarily synonymous with a decrease in fertility, we cannot afford to draw hasty conclusions, but one can imagine, however, that the effects would be similar in humans.

Does this mean that we should completely rethink our lifestyles and not be exposed to any product? Without going that far, it is useful to recommend at first to frail to take precautions: mainly pregnant women and children in infancy.

It would be best to avoid deodorants, soaps too chemicals (prefer the soap), shampoos and pay attention to plastic. And most important remaining: do not smoke. For beyond the harmful nicotine, tars from cigarettes contain many pollutants, endocrine disrupting chemicals, such as dioxins and parables, which could have serious consequences for the mother and the child.


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