Endometriosis: can be cause of complex pregnancies.

Giving a more clear understanding of the issue Dr. Saraswat explained endometriosis is actually inflamming of the pelvis tiissue that not only changes the structure but function in the uterus lining as well. It is these changes that bring out the adverse complications in the pregnancies.

If a woman is diagnosed for endometriosis she should be counseled about this in the first trimester iotself, so she can be aware of issues like miscariage and ectopic pregnancy as well. With regular ultrasound check-ups and vigilated test of the patient to make sure bleeding type of isues are not overlooked.

In fact co-investigator Professor Andrew Horne, consultant gynaecologist at the MRC centre for Reproduction Health of the University of Edinburgh who also is member of the ESHRE’sspecial interest group steering committee on on endometriosis says nearly 60%-70% women suffering from endiometriosis can have healthy bables. However, he also says the lady is not told of this fact as the risk is too high and prior warning on complicated pregnancies and miscariages is more important.

According to the ESHRE (management of Endometriosis) has set up guidelines in which they have clearly described.


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