What is Psychosis Portparto?

Psychosis portparto: It affects one in four thousand women after childbirth. Includes all the above symptoms plus: hallucinations, attempts to hurt or harm the baby, confusion, extreme changes in mood.

The treatment is different for the cases -matiza Olga Carmona. In the first case, mild depression or dysphoria postnatal forwarded only with time but a few guidelines to help relieve symptoms and cut their duration. For example, it’s recommended to make sure the mother a strong network of emotional support and help that allows it to focus on self-care and baby, leaving home at least once a day, moderate aerobic exercise like walking cycling and many other, the expression emotions and symptoms you might be experiencing without being judged, knowing that it is normal to feel all that ambiguity about the baby and the new and overwhelming situation and sometimes adapting to such a radical change occurs with difficult symptoms and do not imply to anything be bad mother or not wanting the baby. Take time and relax the ideas that we usually have about motherhood before they become mothers.


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