Pomegranate juice –Is the natural Ingredient to boost up your sexual drive

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In the ancient period of time, the therapeutic effect of the pomegranate was very magical. Pomegranate has loads of useful and charismatic health benefits. It is helpful to recover the health, body and sexual drive of any person.

Studies on Pomegranate Benefits for Men’s Sexual Health

Pomegranate has the treasure trove that is essential for the men’s sexual and reproductive health. There are a number of studies that have evolved that pomegranate juice has a large number of sexual health benefits in terms of fighting the erectile dysfunction.

Pomegranate juice consumption has the potential for safe and improved sexual health of the men. One of the studies has shown that pomegranate juice has numbers of effective benefits to cure the infertility impairment.

Some Points Conjoined To Illustrate The Pros Of This Miracle Juice:

  • Pomegranate juice is responsible for improving the sperm quality. It also improves a wide range of sperm character tics that provides the large level of the sperm density and sperm motility.
  • Pomegranate juice is responsible for stimulating the testosterone synthesis. This antioxidant-rich juice has the positive benefits on your body. This not only cure the erectile dysfunction but also boost up the overall health like acts as an immunity booster which in turn makes the men more fertile. As less ill health means more and more healthy sperms.
  • Pomegranate juice is also helpful to cope up with the number of the urological problems in men and thus again sperm quality is boosted to a great extent.

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Best IVF Centre in India

It is the safe and successful method of today’s century to treat infertility in women. If you are having some infertility problem? Looking for a reputed and best IVF clinic in India. Then you must choose a clinic with 100% successful results. Sofat Infertility Clinic is best IVF centre in India. They give treatment at a reasonable price. The results of the clinic are really fantastic. They have the best reputation in society and you can trust them. You can see reviews of people on their website. People’s reviews about Sofat Infertility Clinic are positive. They use all advanced technologies and techniques for the treatment. They have treated many overseas clients also. Sofat Infertility Clinic is a trustable clinic in the market.They are having high success rates of IVF treatment. You will get safer pregnancy and healthier baby. IVF treatment in women depends upon following factors:-

  • The quality of eggs used in IVF treatment
  • sperm used for fertilization of eggs
  • age of women

Laser Micromanipulation of Embryos in IVF

Traditionally, Acid Tyrode has been the major method used in the IVF hatching procedures alongside the Mechanical methods (Partial Zona Dissection). Technological advancement has introduced us to the Laser Assisted Hatching a procedure that is highly effective and requires less time.

What is Laser Assisted Hatching and why is it used?

Laser Assisted Hatching is an advanced technique where a slit or a gap is created in the Zona of the embryo, prior to the embryo transfer. This method is applicable to assisted reproductive techniques like IVF, ICSI, and other cases.

The main agenda of the laser hatching technique is to allow the embryo hatch out of the shell effectively after a blastocyst is formed. This procedure increases the chances of implantation in infertile women

How is the Procedure Performed

  • The laser beam of light is directed to the embryo and energy is released towards the shell.

  • This is repeated a few times until when the gap is visible

  • The laser technique requires expertise due to the fact that the laser energy has side effects and may cause cell damage during the procedure

  • Different factors are considered before laser hatching in India, for example the power source, the technique and the nature of the embryo

When is the technique suitable

  • Many IVF treatment cycles have failed due to implantation failure.

  • Weak embryos or poor quality embryos may not hatch out as expected

  • When the embryo has a thick Zona Pellucida

  • A woman above the age of 36 may opt for the procedure

Success Rates

  • Laser assisted hatching has been approved to be used in the assisted reproductive techniques due to its efficiency.

  • The procedure boosts IVF success rates as compared to without Laser assisted hatching and other hatching techniques as mentioned earlier

  • It must be performed under professional surveillance

Essentials of IUI Treatment for Pregnancy

Essentials of IUI Treatment for Pregnancy

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is also known as artificial insemination due to the fact that the sperms are injected into the woman’s reproductive tract to increase the chances of pregnancy. The method is an assisted reproductive technology conducted with maximum care, attention and observation though it may appear simple. Timing of the insemination procedure is very essential when it comes to IUI Treatment in India in order to allow conception. Normally, the prepared sperms are released into the woman’s reproductive system prior (soon as possible) to the time of ovulation.

What happens before the IUI procedure?

An Ovulation Predictor kit is always used for proper timing during IUI. It is used to measure and indicate the woman’s LH Surge (Luteinizing Hormone) that normally reaches its peak 26 hours before ovulation. The LH surge is determined by a urine test and if it is positive, the sperms are injected within a few hours and if it is negative, the gynecologist may have to postpone the procedure.

Also, an HCG Injection is a second option in adjusting the timing of an IUI procedure. The main purpose of an HCG injection is to activate the ovulation process. An Ultrasound is done before to observe the egg development and maturity in the ovaries. The IUI procedure is normally timed 2 days after the HCG injection is administered.

What to Remember

It is vital that a man avoids intercourse at least 2 weeks or more before the procedure in order to get quality sperms. These sperms will be washed and prepared after being collected by means of masturbation.

The Tremendous impact of Infertility

Certainly a psychological issue, infertility is an inside killer that a majority of outsiders can’t see. USA is one of the countries, most known for nuclear families and mostly having one or two children. The trend has changed today; a number of couples you meet are either constrained by infertility or environmental and financial problems.

A family is a source of joy and a dream to a number of couples that are affected by infertility. Today, couples run in for IVF treatment from one clinic to another in India and worldwide only to get a single child if possible. The major limitation is the financial part, since IVF treatment is expensive and there are chances that one may require more than two treatment cycles to conceive.

The IVF treatment procedure begins by administering fertility drugs to a woman to produce more eggs for fertilization. Once these eggs are ready, they are retrieved and joined together with the sperms for fertilization. Fertilization mostly occurs, but the hectic point comes at the conception part. A majority of women have lived to see multiple failed conceptions. To others, conception may occur, but they suffer miscarriages

Infertility is not an easy course in life since it leads to loss of self-esteem, foregoing social media sites, anxiety, and depression. This could be a word to those with the ability to conceive and giving birth to healthy children “embrace and value what you have by protecting them and caring for them”

Watch the give video to know the full information about IVF treatment procedure

Boosting IVF Chances in Infertility Treatments

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Being an Assisted Artificial technique, In Vitro Fertilization must be conducted by leading specialists having discerning motives. The IVF technique is performed at Dr. Sofat Infertility clinic after a patient’s examination, and treatment follows with the use of advanced equipment to select the best embryos. An algorithm is followed during the examination of morphological features to attain the best embryo.

At the Sofat clinic, we take the advantage of standardized equipment to carry out every step of the IVF procedure a thing that humans cannot do with open eyes. The sophisticated clinic collects eggs from the female and then sperms from the male. They are combined in the dish and observed to select the best embryo.

Cases where there are more than two favorable embryos, further studies are taken to see how far each embryo can make it. An algorithm is always important and the results of each step are kept on the computer for reference.


Further studies in the laboratory are conducted using mathematical modeling where the embryo metabolism and the texture are studied. The techniques used in the infertility clinic do not differ from the usual IVF procedure, just that more approaches are used to avoid future defects and problems with the child and the mother.

The latest approaches in the IVF sector are aimed at helping stressed infertile couples to have a child of their own. The effective IVF treatment in India can help those who have had multiple failed IVF cycles in a short time.

In this video, Dr. Sumita Sofat has beautifully explained the procedure of IVF Egg retrieval. If you want successgul pregnancy with IVF treatment then you must go with Sofat Infertility Centre.

azoospermia treatment

How males can recover from nil sperm count?

Male infertility is becoming obstacle for 4 out of 10 infertile couples. Male infertility is genraly counted with the sperm count and in more than 5% cases men are coping with nil sperm count.

Condition in which males have complete lack of sperms is known as Azoospermia. This problem can be due to following two conditions

  • Problem with the sperm production
  • Has normal sperm production but due to blockage it cannot reach the ejaculation.

Problem of Zero sperm count in males can be due to various reasons that are evaluated with reviewing the problem, medical history, family history, physical examination and even blood tests.

Can nil sperm count be reversed?

If the males have problem of nil sperm production due to the blockage then medical treatment can help the situation. However in most of the cases assisted reproduction technique is used for building the biological family. The condition of nil sperm count due to blockage is called the no obstructive Azoospermia and for treating this condition surgical treatment can also help out depending on the conditions like testicular size, history of ejaculated sperm, Level of serum FSH and biopsy reading.

Some medications cal help out6 the situation otherwise the advanced techniques like ICSI with the IVF can help the situation as in this male some can be retrieved from the testicles and used for the fertilization of egg in the lab.

If the male is having problem in the sperm production then the nutritious diet, some supplements and medicines can help situation.

To know what is the procedure of azoospermia treatment you can watch this video: